Susan Fielder's Art is mesmerizing providing a unique - different

look and feel with vibrant colors and texture that

become the focal point in any room.

iPlaid has a special meaning and was created from the loss of her husband to Pancreatic Cancer. 

A percentage of sales goes towards funding the researchers for Pancreatic Cancer. 


Thank You for Your Support. 

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Wall Art

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Wearables that make a difference!

A must-have Book

to share your legacy!

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Susan Fielder's art graces every type of medium you can imagine.  

She is back to what she knows how to do best... At the moment, face masks are a big hit. 

Art that sings to your soul

The Best Book you

will ever write and in your handwriting!

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What if we could make a difference 

one legging at a time?

Here's how-

Cell Phone Cases, Yoga Pants, Leggings and Socks 

A personal Journal to guide loved ones that comes from your heart and soul with all of your heartfelt wishes. 

A treasured gift for all!

Prints and gifts of Susan's Art are finally here. Masks-Totes-Mugs- Framed Art and more!

Susan Fielder & Associates, Inc.