Susan Fielder's Art is mesmerizing providing a unique - different

look and feel with vibrant colors and texture that

become the focal point in any room.  Four sites below offer unique products. 

1-Large formatted art is first, 2-iPlaid offers leggings, socks and cellphone cases, 

3-Susan Fielder Art is the backdrop of products for all images and of course her 

Book 4-My Living Legacy is last but most important. 

iPlaid has a special meaning and was created from the loss of her husband to Pancreatic Cancer. 

A percentage of sales goes towards funding researchers for Pancreatic Cancer.

All art was a part of the grieving process. 


Thank You for Your Support. 

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Wall Art

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New Larger 


ART now Available!


Wearables that 

make a differencelike vibrant crazy Leggings!

A must-have book

to share your legacy!

Order now for the Holidays

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Susan Fielder's art graces every type of medium you can imagine.  

She is back to what she knows  best... At the moment, face masks are a big hit but so are prints, pillows and more! 

Her art on all things on this site!Mugs,

cards,smaller prints etc.

The Best Book you

will ever write and in your handwriting!

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 2.45.59 PM.png

What if we could make a difference in finding a cure for Pancreatic cancer 

one legging at a time?

Here's how- Order now

Yoga Pants, Leggings and Socks 

& Cell Phone Cases,

A personal journal to guide loved ones that comes from your heart and soul with all of your heartfelt wishes. If you don't write it down, it won't get passed down.

A treasured gift for all!

Prints and gifts of Susan's Art are finally here. Masks-Totes-Mugs- Framed Art and more!

Susan Fielder & Associates, Inc.